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Cat Power is back: Wanderer CD

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Cover Art for Cat Power's CD Wanderer (son below)

Enjoy DJ Andy Bargerstock's celebratory picks from her 2018 album Wanderer. Great to have her back recording again. Notice her new little boy on the lower edge of the album cover.

So, you don't get diverted away from the playlist on Spotify, follow these simple instructions before you click on the pop-up about moving to Spotify:

(1) To engage the Spotify pop-up, you will need to click the "play" arrow that triggers 30-second samples of each track.

(2) Notice the green Spotify pop-up that invites you to hear full tracks by clicking on the message.

(3) Before you click on the Spotify message, pause the playback of 30-second samples. Then, when you click on the green Spotify message, you will land on the full playlist on Spotify.


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