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Joy Olakdokun & Amythyst Kiah

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Celebrate the simmering talents of two rising black female singer-songwriters who have carved space in the Americana/Roots genre. Both ladies released new CDs in 2021. They play independently and share a common purpose to raise awareness about social justice, racial and LGBT equality, and the journey to becoming a more fully realized person.

Enjoy the FREE samples and full tracks of my playlist below. Image of Joy Oladokun. (Andy Bargerstock)

To hear 30-second samples, click on the PLAY arrow shown over the photo left. To listen to FREE full tracks, click on the green Spotify button when it appears ... after you click on the PLAY arrow. You will be taken to DJ Andy Bargerstock's page on Spotify to share this 11-song playlist for these two wonderful artists. Explore the many great playlists of artists from off-the-beaten-path.


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