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Billie Eilish

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

17 year-old LA area singer-songwriter collaborates with her brother as producer of her increasingly sophisticated and subtle music tracks. Enjoy the shared Spotify playlist of 3 tracks from recent CDs.

So, you don't get diverted away from the playlist on Spotify, follow these simple instructions before you click on the pop-up:

(1) To engage the Spotify pop-up, you will need to click the "play" arrow that triggers 30-second samples of each track.

(2) Notice the green Spotify pop-up that invites you to hear full tracks by clicking on the message.

(3) Before you click on the Spotify message, pause the playback of 30-second samples. Then, when you click on the green Spotify message, you will land on the full playlist on Spotify.


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