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"Teardrop" cover songs

Recently, I was charmed by an instrumental track in a popular film. It sounded very familiar. Eventually, I recognized the melody as a re-imagined version of “Teardrop” originally recorded in 1998 by the UK Trip-hop band Massive Attack. This down-tempo moody song with beautiful female vocals has always been one of my favorites.

From my radio DJ days, I recalled that I have done searches on cover versions of this song. So, I assemble them here to share with you. My list begins with Poppy Ackroyd’s classical track “Timeless” followed by versions of “Teardrop” by Jose Gonzalez, Sarah Jarosz (but you will need to find it on YouTube), a dub-step remix of the original song credited to Mad Professor Mazaruni Vocal Mix, and of course the original 1998 version.

To listen to 30-second samples, click on the PLAY arrow. When the green Spotify buttom appears, click on it to be taken to the shared Spotify list with free complete tracks. You will need to have a Spotify account. Then, follow DJ Andy Bargerstock on Spotify to get access directly to all my playlists. ENJOY!


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